स्पेशल रिपोर्ट: पहली ही बारिश में मुंबई हुई पानी-पानी

मुंबई की बारिश की पहली ही बारिश में मुंबई पानी-पानी हो गई. हालात ये हो गए कि एक विदेशी महिला की डूबते-डूबते जान बची, किसी तरह से लोगों ने उसका रेस्क्यू किया.  तो बारिश में करंट लगने से 3 बच्चों की. मौत हो गई, तो बारिश में दीवार ढहने से 3 तीन घायल हो गए.

Heavy rains lashed Mumbai and Traffic has been severely affected due to waterlogging in several parts of the city and there are many places to fill the water. Heavy rainfall in Mumbai led to flooding also. One foreign woman survives from drowning, somehow people rescued her. According to the weather forecasting agency, few places over Mumbai are very likely to receive heavy rainfall during the period. Three people were dead and 3 others injured due to electric shock and collapsing of a wall, soon after Mumbai witnessed massive showers on Friday.Due to two different incidents of electrocution in Mumbai, three people have lost their lives till now.

आजतक के नए ऐप से अपने फोन पर पाएं रियल टाइम अलर्ट और सभी खबरें डाउनलोड करें